Rod to Tape Clamp Type "A"
Gemini International
Gemini International
PART No.Nominal Rod Dia.Conductor Size Max ADD TO CART
GCA 0531/2" or 12.7mm26 x 12mm
GCA 0545/8" or 16mm26 x 12mm
GCA 0553/4" or 20mm26 x 10mm
GCA 0565/8" or 16mm40 x 12mm
GCA 0575/8" or 16mm51 x 8mm
GCA 0583/4" or 20mm51 x 12mm
GCA 0591/2" or 12.7mm26 x 20mm
GCA 0605/8" or 16mm26 x 18mm
GCA 0613/4" or 20mm26 x10mm
GCA 0621" or 25mm26 x 10mm