Gemini International Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Gemini International was started as a proprietary company in the year 1972 to promote export of light engineering products. In the year 1974 it was converted into a private limited company to strengthen the financial base and now the company is known as GEMINI INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED. It has celebrated its silver jubilee in the year 1999.

With a long and proud history of commitment to quality, service and dependability, GEMINI introduced a number of innovative products for customers all over the world.

Initially, exports were confined to bicycles, bicycle spares, automotive spares, electrical switchgears for both domestic and industrial use. Today, the company is also dealing in electrical wiring accessories and has developed strong manufacturing base for various kinds of turned components and press components from non-ferrous and ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze, gunmetal, zinc, aluminium and steel. At present, the company is original equipment (O.E.) supplier to various reputed manufacturers around the globe and exports products to countries like United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, few east African countries and Europe.

The company has expanded their products from low voltage & medium voltage to high voltage in the year 2003 and has started developing various products of transmission line and sub-stations and at present the exports are confined to east African countries, gulf and few selected Asian countries.

Backed up by this wide experience, the company offers following :

  • A commitment to customer satisfaction and personalised service.
  • Industry standard and approved products.
  • Adherence to strict manufacturing and testing standards.
  • A complete line of high quality products.
  • Mass production, on-time delivery and technical support.

Presently GEMINI has two division, one Automotive Spare Division and second Domestic & Industrial Electrical Products.

Both the core business of the company i.e. automotive spares and electrical products are managed by professionals. the goal of the company is to fulfill Q.T.E.



Ask any person who is successful in whatever he or she is doing and what motivates him/her, very likely the answer will be "Mission". We at GEMINI with great vision of our Founders, wish to achieve our target by increasing our sales to potential customers to grow along with the world economy. We would like to support our customers by all means to grow them more and more...


Our vision is to built a world class company with best quality control management and timely delivery to our valued customers both in India and abroad. We will try to keep on improving the system of quality control to bring it to zero error in a short time.